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When Filter Press Working, Please Check Working Condition Correctly

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When it comes to sludge filter press, many people think they are dealing with sludge. In fact, this is almost the same, because the sludge filter press is a new type of sludge dewatering equipment, but you must pay attention to these problems when operating.

  1. Before use, you need to check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are installed, and fix the inlet and outlet pipes in the water tank, so that the inlet and outlet are not easy to swing.

  2. Open the exhaust valve, and then open the medicine valve, and the water in the metering valve enters the pump and the water inlet pipe through the metering tank to make the water inlet pipe completely filled with liquid, or open the top of the sludge filter to remove the upper cover from the filter The cartridge is filled with water to completely fill the inlet pipe with liquid.

  3. Before starting the motor, please check the working voltage and motor wiring voltage correctly to prevent errors.

4. Before starting the motor, lock the metering valve, and then open the exhaust valve to let the gas discharge into the metering tank.

  5. After completing the above operations, when starting the pump motor to start running, pay attention to whether the pump is running correctly.

  6. The liquid in the metering tank flows into the pump through the metering valve, a small amount of liquid remains in the metering tank, and then the metering valve is locked to avoid inhaling the gas at the pump inlet.

  7. Before using the sludge filter press, check whether the pressure gauge diaphragm is filled with clean water. Fill the water and lock the pressure gauge to keep the pressure gauge correct.

  8. Before starting the power supply, check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are correctly selected: for example, whether the inlet and outlet are opened, the pipe circulation path is correct, the liquid in the liquid medicine box is normal, and the pipe is damaged.

  9. Operate in hazardous environments or liquids, wear protective clothing and protective masks, and safety shoes.

  10. Check various protection switches. For example, if the pipeline is normal, the liquid level in the tank is normal, and the power protection switch is in the normal operating position.


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