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What will damage the filter press plate?

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What will damage the filter press plate?

1. When the sludge is too thick or the dry block is left, it will cause the blockage of the feed port. At this time, there is no medium between the filter plates and only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself is left. Cause damage.

2. Insufficient supply or unsuitable solid particles in the supply will also cause too much stress on the frame itself and damage.

3. If the outflow port is blocked by solids or the supply valve or the outlet valve is closed when starting, the pressure will not leak anywhere, causing damage.

4. When the filter plate is not cleaned, sometimes the media will leak out. Once leaked, the edges of the frame will be washed out in small grooves. The large amount of media leakage will not increase the pressure and the mud cake will not form. .

The corresponding troubleshooting method:

1. Use a nylon cleaning blade to remove mud from the inlet

2. Complete this cycle and reduce the volume of the filter plate

3. Check the filter cloth, clean the drain, check the outlet, open the corresponding valve, and release the pressure

4. Clean the filter plate carefully and repair the filter plate


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