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What to do Can Make Filter Press Service Long Life?

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The double-cylinder pressure filter device of the diaphragm filter press is mainly composed of a pressure plate, a cylinder block, a cylinder seat leg, and a compression cylinder. The cylinders of the two compression cylinders are fixed on the cylinder and blocked with bolts. The piston rods of the two compression cylinders can move the pressure plate synchronously to move on the rails of the left and right beams to complete the pressure. Tighten and loosen the filter plate. The positions of the two compression cylinders are up and down and left and right. However, in the pressure filtration process of the membrane filter press, due to factors such as material gravity, the filter plate is susceptible to uneven stress, so the two compression cylinders of the current double-cylinder compression device are generally arranged up and down.

 Diaphragm filter presses must be regularly overhauled during use, especially for initial large-scale overhaul after commissioning. Need more attention. An overhaul inspection is also more important. Let's take a look at a "medical examination" notice given by the staff.

 1. Check the hydraulic station, including the content of hydraulic oil, the hydraulic coefficient of the hydraulic station. This is because the hydraulic station is an important power component of the membrane filter press. Whether it works normally depends on the filter chamber pressure of the diaphragm filter press. It is more important to maintain a constant pressure in the filter chamber.

 2. Whether the sludge pumps of all sludges mainly have the phenomenon of mud leakage and the sealing of bearings and seals of these sludge pumps. It usually needs to be checked every half a month.

 3. Need to check the oil observation window of the air compressor and the speed regulating motor. Lubricants have been added to the new equipment at the time of purchase, and inspections are generally continued within one month.

 4. Check the control of these gases by checking the valve activation of the exhaust valve, and check the pressure reducing valve.

 5. Check the filter plate. At the beginning of the filter plate of the cavity membrane filter press, you can see the quality of the filter plate and check the oxidation of the filter plate. When the filter plate is eroded by water for a long time, the filter plate is in a water-containing state, and the depth of water erosion.

 6. For the filter cloth that uses the diaphragm filter press for one month, we should also check it, mainly to check its filter condition, whether it is damaged, and whether the filter flow is normal.

 7. Check the motor and circuit of the diaphragm filter press. Check whether the current is too large and the line is burnt; if there are any wires in the moving parts, the worn place can prevent animals such as rats from being damaged.

The above is the first time that the filter press needs to pay attention to large-scale maintenance work. I hope everyone can master and apply it in daily operations to achieve the effect of extending the service life.


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