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What is The Importance of Hydraulic Oil of Diaphragm Flter Press?

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In the process of using the diaphragm filter press, the pressure of the hydraulic oil is mainly used as a carrier for transmitting the pressure of the internal pressure. Hydraulic oil also directly affects the work and operation of the machine and directly reflects the filtering effect. However, many people are unaware of the requirements for the use of hydraulic oil and often choose brands and metering methods blindly. This not only affects the long-term maintenance of the membrane filter press, but also causes damage and adhesion inside the machine.

The mechanical operation of the membrane filter press requires oil as an auxiliary. It may be lubrication or transmission. The hydraulic oil is the same as the diaphragm filter press machine, which can not only help the dust collector run better and more smoothly, but also make the dust collector operate effectively. In order to avoid wear and tear, it is very important to use oil for equipment. There are many types of hydraulic oil on the market for diaphragm filter presses. When choosing, people will choose from the pressure of the hydraulic system. This is correct, but not all hydraulic oil required by the high-pressure value system. The more they are, the more they should pay attention to the working principle and internal structure of the membrane filter press. Now, the diaphragm filter press often communicates directly with customers when it is sold, and introduces the supporting hydraulic oil. Diaphragm filter press not only reduces the blindness of customers buying hydraulic oil, but also effectively improves the matching effect, thereby increasing the service life of the diaphragm filter press.

Anyone who uses an overpressure filter knows that membrane filter presses are more prone to failure. Filter plate. What should the operator do when the membrane filter press is in this situation?

  When the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press is abnormal, it will cause the filter plate to slow down or be lost.

  At this time, the operator can consider whether the guide rod is abnormal. Normally, oil or dirt on the guide plate will slow down the movement of the filter plate.

  The processing method of the membrane filter press is very simple. Clean the guide rod and apply a certain amount of butter on the guide rod to reduce the friction between the guide rod and the filter plate and improve the working efficiency.

  It should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to apply thin oil on the guide rod, because the thin oil is easy to fall to the ground, causing the ground below to be slippery. People here are easy to drop and operate, and cause personal injury accidents.


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