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What is Filter Press Plate?

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What is filter press plate?

The filter plate, also known as the concrete filter plate, is a key device in the water treatment process. It plays the dual role of carrying the filter material layer and filtering backwash water (gas) in the filter tank. The quality of the filter plate (especially the flatness and accuracy of the filter plate) is directly related to the filtered water quality, water quantity and long-term benefit of the water plant and sewage plant. The traditional filter tank water distribution system has large resistance during filtration and backwashing, uneven water distribution, many dead water areas, easy filter material buildup, and mud accumulation. At the same time, the support layer is loose due to local flushing strength, and adverse consequences such as sand leakage occur. It is made of vertical steel mold, water-cement ratio, fine stone, quartz sand and other materials. The price of cement filter board is about 400 to 500 yuan. The filter plate strictly implements the relevant national standards, calculates the opening ratio according to the design requirements, is embedded with ABS engineering plastic embedded casing, and is equipped with double-layer two-way high-quality threaded steel bars. It is made of high grade cement, standard fine stone and quartz sand. The horizontal error of each square meter on the upper and lower sides of the filter plate is ± 1mm. The installation in the filter tank achieves high precision of the whole tank error ≤5mm, and the four sides are neat and without warp, which fully meets the requirements of the filter design technical specifications. Appearance: smooth surface, no exposed ribs, warpage, vibration cracks, no damage on all four sides, the embedded casing is accurate without inversion, skew, omission, no clogging in the casing.


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