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What factors directly affect the service life and condition of the membrane filter press?

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In the operation of the membrane filter press, multiple pure filter plates are placed on two beams, and the filter cloth is connected to the filter plate to increase the filtration area and slowly accumulate the filtrate to form a filter cake. The bottom of the filter plate is provided with multiple small holes, and the filter plate of the membrane filter press has two convex surfaces.

  In the structural design, the purpose of recessing the filter plate is to prepare a storage space for the filter during the operation of the membrane filter press. The design of the bottom blind spot is a blind spot design, which can increase the Friction. In order to support the effect of the filter cake, another purpose is to promote the rapid flow of water out of the device and improve the working efficiency.

  After the shunt tube, the filtrate enters the filter chamber. When flowing into the filter chamber, water seeps out from the filter cloth, collects into the small holes in the lower part of the filter plate, and discharges the water through the pipe to the device, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation. What factors directly affect the service life and condition of the membrane filter press? The bosses play a role of mutual transfer, of course, it can also prevent excessive pressure and damage to the membrane filter press.

  The filter part of the membrane filter press is composed of the filter plate arranged on the main beam in order, the filter cloth sandwiched between the filter plates, the diaphragm filter plate, the filter plate, the filter cloth and the diaphragm. The filter plates are arranged to form each other. Multiple independent filter units-When the filter chamber starts to filter, the slurry is pushed by the feed pump, enters the filter chamber of the membrane filter through the feed port on the thrust plate, and is pressure filtered by the feed pump.

  Due to the action of the filter cloth of the membrane filter, solids are left in the filter chamber to form a filter cake, and the filtrate is discharged from the nozzle (bright flow) or the discharge valve (underflow). If it is necessary to wash the filter cake, the washing cake can be washed by washing water from the washing port on the thrust plate. If a filter cake with a lower water content is required, compressed air can also be introduced from the washing port to pass through the filter cake layer. Remove some water from the filter cake (for Uk models). Diaphragm filter press is an intermittent filter press device, suitable for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions, with wide application range, good separation effect, simple structure, convenient operation and reliable.


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