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Three-point Work To Prevent Filter Press Noise

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Recently, some netizens have consulted the noise problem of the filter press. The appearance of the noise is likely to be a problem inside the filter press. We need to analyze the cause of the noise in time. So what measures can we use to prevent it at the beginning of the operation?

      Zhengji Filter believes that there are three points that need everyone's attention:

      First, install the filter press in the correct order to ensure the stability of the filter press, which can effectively reduce the noise problem in the operation of the filter press.

      Secondly, when using the filter press, the equipment should be lubricated to avoid the noise caused by the friction between the parts. In addition, the lubrication operation of the filter press can effectively reduce the wear between parts and extend the service life of the filter press.

      Finally, the staff should do the maintenance work of the filter press in time, tighten the loose parts in time, avoid the noise problem caused by the loose parts, and better guarantee the quality of the filter press.

      In order to better realize the operation of the filter press and bring economic benefits, we must do some fault prevention work before operation, find the problem through the necessary inspection before operation, and solve it in time to avoid the expansion of injury during operation. The noise problem is One of the issues that need to be paid attention to, the subtle abnormal sounds, I hope everyone can pay attention and carefully inspect the equipment.


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