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The principle of the pneumatic diaphragm pump of the filter press

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In the two symmetrical working chambers of the diaphragm pump, each is equipped with an elastic diaphragm. The connecting rod integrates the two diaphragms into one body. After the compressed air enters the intermediate body from the pump inlet joint, it pushes the The diaphragm drives the diaphragm connected by the connecting rod to move synchronously. At the same time, the gas in the other working chamber exits the pump from the back of its diaphragm. When the piston reaches the end of the stroke, the valve mechanism automatically introduces compressed air into the other working chamber, pushing the diaphragm pump to move in the reverse direction, thus forming a synchronous reciprocating movement of the two diaphragms. There are two one-way ball valves in each working chamber. The reciprocating movement of the diaphragm causes the inner volume of the working chamber to change, forcing the two one-way ball valves to open and close alternately, thereby continuously sucking and discharging liquid.

The obvious difference between the pneumatic diaphragm pump of the filter press and other diaphragm pumps is the structure of the valve. The distribution valve structure of the series pneumatic diaphragm pump eliminates the distribution valve of the traditional "O" ring and cylindrical valve structure. The three-way pilot type eliminates valve dead spots and pump shutdown. Provide the correct and reliable commutation signal to avoid downtime and faster commutation to make the pump have a greater flow rate, provide the delivery performance to make the pulse smaller and the flow more stable.

It can run dry without danger.

Small size, light weight, easy to move.

The pump can always be maintained and will not be reduced due to wear.

No complicated control system, no cables, fuses, etc.

When the outlet is closed, the pump will automatically stop.

There is no dynamic seal, easy maintenance and avoid leakage. No dead spots when working.

No lubrication is required, so maintenance is simple and does not pollute the working environment due to dripping.

The flow rate can be adjusted, and a throttle valve can be added at the material outlet to adjust the flow rate.


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