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The foundation of brand building lies in quality and service--China BEST filter press

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China Cangzhou BEST machinery company is a professional manufacturer of separation equipment, integrating development, design, manufacturing and service. It has professional production technology, advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipment and perfect testing methods. With the rapid development of the social economy, the demand for intelligence has increased. The environmental protection industry has gradually increased the requirements for sewage compliance. The water content of the original sludge treatment is 70%, and the standard has been raised to 60%. While China is vigorously developing, the industry has begun to move closer from manufacturing to creation. Not only is technology needed to be improved, but product quality requirements are becoming higher and higher.

In order to meet customer needs, Dazhang continuously innovates and improves its products. At this Expo, the products brought by Dazhang Filtration not only made major technological changes, but also increased the filtration pressure from the original 0.7 MPa to 2.0 MPa, and also made major changes in the appearance of the equipment, making the product attractive. It is also useful, and the security guarantee is improved by one grade. In terms of intelligence, it is one-button start, which integrates filtration, washing, drying and automatic slag discharge. It is fully automatic control without manual operation.


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