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The diaphragm filter press should be checked regularly

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The operation of the diaphragm filter press is to produce a strong force on the filter plate through the hydraulic system. Only in this way, a separate filter plate can form a necessary part of equipment operation - filter chamber, that is to say, a certain number of filter plates work under strong pressure. When the pressure inadvertently exceeds the tolerance of the filter plate, the filter plate will break naturally and be damaged. Maintenance costs of filter plates are usually high. In order to avoid these unnecessary high costs, users should take precautions in advance. In addition to controlling the working pressure and avoiding the wear of the filter plate, the use of the filter plate should be checked regularly. Observe the cracks on the filter plate. If a new crack is added to the filter plate, it means that the filter plate may break.

When the material is unloaded, the convex edge around the filter plate of the diaphragm filter is easy to wear. Once the edge is seriously worn, the assembled filter chamber cannot be sealed, and the liquid with high pressure inside the filter chamber will be discharged. If wear leaks or spurts, the diaphragm filter will increase the wear of the filter plate during the movement of the fluid. As a result, the filter plate is completely damaged.


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