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The advantages of Automatic cleaning filter

Views:4     Author:Belle Song     Publish Time: 2020-04-03      Origin:China

The advantages of automatic cleaning filter: high efficiency filter material is used to filter impurities layer by layer, and particles will be completely intercepted in the filter screen. 

The configured sewage discharge is large and easy to wash, and the results of real-time monitoring can be achieved in operation. If the mesh bag thickness is properly adjusted, it can be used to treat different kinds of sewage. 

The sewage after being treated by the filter reaches the national sewage discharge standard. Configuration not only improves the discharge of sewage, but also saves the cost of automatic cleaning filter, which can guarantee the cleanness of water resources from the source, and at the same time ensure the health of water resources in China.

Now this configuration has been applied to the sewage treatment of various production and processing, not only to make the sewage discharge reach the national standard, but also to ensure the normal operation of other water treatment configurations.


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