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The Plate of Filter Press Using Details

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During the operation of the filter press, the hydraulic system uses the hydraulic oil as a pressure carrier to transmit the internal pressure. Therefore, it can be said that the hydraulic oil directly affects the operating condition of the filter press, and its impact on the filter press will be directly reflected in Processing effect. As a machine, the filter press needs oil to assist its operation, including both lubrication and transmission effects. This is how hydraulic oil is used for filter presses, which not only helps the filter press to run better and smoother, but also effectively avoids the consumption of wear and tear. It is an indispensable oil agent for filter presses.

There are many types of hydraulic oils for filter presses on the market. People often choose from the pressure of the hydraulic system when choosing. This is correct, but not all systems with high pressure values require more hydraulic oil. This depends on the working principle and internal structure of the filter press itself.

Filter press is a device that runs for a long time and at high frequency, so the hydraulic system needs to provide a higher pressure to the filter press. Under such pressure, the hydraulic oil must be of a high-resistance type. In addition, when selecting hydraulic oil, the temperature factor must also be considered. For example, when the temperature is low, you must choose to use low-temperature hydraulic oil.

Since the operating environment of filter presses is usually harsh, either containing a certain concentration of acid gas or being filled with kerosene, alkaline dust, etc. Over time, these corrosive chemicals have accumulated damage to the electrical components of the filter press, It may cause electrical failure and cause the control buttons to become unresponsive.

When the control button operation of the filter press is invalid, first check the structure and contact of the filter press control button itself. Inspection method: Press the corresponding button and observe whether the corresponding node indicator light on the PLC input is lit. If it is lit, it means that the button is not faulty. If it is not lit, check the button and related terminal wires.

The operation of the filter press is to generate a strong power on the filter plate through the hydraulic system. Only in this way can the individual filter plates form the necessary part of the equipment when working-the filter chamber, that is to say, a certain number of filter plates must be Working under strong pressure, when this pressure inadvertently exceeds the bearing range of the filter plate, the filter plate will naturally rupture and damage.

When unloading, the convex edges around the filter plate of the filter press are easy to wear. Once the edges are seriously worn, the assembled filter chamber cannot be sealed, and the liquid with strong pressure inside the filter chamber will wear away If it leaks or sprays out, the filter press will aggravate the degree of wear of the filter plate during the movement of the liquid. The consequence is complete damage to the filter plate.

Therefore, to avoid the rupture of the filter plate of the filter press, it is necessary to solve these two problems. Users need to strictly control the pressure on the filter plate, try not to exceed the size range of the plate and frame filter press design. And try to avoid the wear on the edges of the filter plate.

The maintenance cost of the filter plate is generally relatively high. In order to avoid these unnecessary high costs, the user should take precautions in advance. In addition to controlling the working pressure and avoiding the wear of the filter plate, it is also necessary to regularly check the use of the filter plate. Observe whether there are cracks on the filter plate. If new cracks are gradually added on the filter plate, it means that the filter plate may be broken.


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