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The Fatigue Performance of The Hydraulic System of Sludge Filter Press Will Appear

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Sludge filter press has high efficiency, low energy consumption, dehydration, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low noise, stable operation, reliable, continuous automatic production. It is currently widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, building materials, textile, Solid-liquid separation of food and water environmental protection projects.

    When the hydraulic system of the sludge filter press is working for too long, the fatigue performance of the sludge filter press will appear as follows: First, the temperature of the sludge filter press is too high and the heat is large. The second is that the sludge filter press has insufficient power and is weak. If the temperature is too high, we can consider replacing the high-temperature hydraulic oil in the sludge filter press with new hydraulic oil, so that the temperature of the sludge filter press body can quickly drop. If the sludge filter press is not strong in motion, it should be shut down in time to rest for a while and then work again. Only in this way can the life of the machine be extended.

    The entire sludge filter press equipment relies on the hydraulic system to provide strong power. The operation of the entire sludge filter press is inseparable from the hydraulic system. Including the squeezing of the filter plate, the pull back of the propulsion plate, and the estimated movement of the trolley, etc., are all inseparable from the hydraulic system. Therefore, the frequency of application of the sludge filter press system in the entire equipment is very high, it is a particularly tired part of the sludge filter press. It is necessary to let the sludge filter press rest properly so that it can work more efficiently.

     The sludge filter press frame effectively solves the problem of sewage sludge treatment and disposal. There is no time to delay. Various environmental protection policies have also put forward increasingly clear regulations on sludge treatment, such as: the water content of the sludge landfill is less than 50; the organic matter content is less than 30%. At the same time, considering that sludge is a resource, we began to limit the direct landfill of sludge, the increase in landfill costs, and the market's need for reduction and resource utilization.


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