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The Chamber Filter Press Has Many Structural Features IN Filtration Process

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The chamber filter press has many structural features throughout the professional filtration process. The chamber type filter press is mainly composed of a frame, a compacting structure, a filter paper structure and an electronic control part. The overall structure of the box filter press is reasonable, and the working efficiency of the filter press can be further improved at the bottom of normal operation.

 In the professional use of chamber filter presses, the filter structure of the equipment includes filter plates, filter frames, filter cloths or filter presses. Both sides of the filter plate are covered with filter cloth, and a set of filters is required when separating the press. The plate is composed of a barrier and a filter plate. The core plate of the separator is covered with the separator on both sides, and the filter cloth covers the outside of the separator. The filter plate is a suitable ordinary filter plate.

 The material enters each filter chamber from the feed hole on the fixed plate, and the solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber because the particle size is larger than the pore size of the filter medium, and the filtrate used in the chamber filter press flows from below the filter plate The liquid outlet hole comes out. When the filter cake needs to be dried, compressed air or steam can be used in addition to the separator press, and introduced into the box filter press from the washing port, and the air flow rinses the water in the filter cake to reduce the water content of the filter cake.

 When the chamber filter press is pressed, the motor rotates forward, driving the speed reducer and gears so that the lead screw rolls in the fixing nut, and pushes the pressure plate to press the filter plate. As the pressure increases, the motor load current of the box filter press increases. When the current value set by the protector is reached, a large pressure is reached, the motor blocks the power supply, and the fixed nut has a reliable self-locking helix angle because the screw stops rolling. The chamber filter press can reliably ensure the tightness during operation. When the motor is retracted, the motor rotates. When the pressure block on the board is pressed, it will return to the stop switch.

 The frame is the bottom of the cassette filter press. There are pressing devices at both ends, thrust plates and pressing plates, and feet. Both sides are girders. The girder is used to support the filter plate, filter frame and pressure plate and equipment. Pull board equipment, etc. When the hydraulic pressure of the chamber filter press is maintained by active pressure, the pressure is controlled by the electric contact pressure gauge, the upper and lower pointers of the pressure gauge are set when the pressure reaches the pressure, and the process requires the value when the upper limit of the workbench is When blocked, the power supply is blocked and the oil pump stops supplying power. Because the internal leakage and external leakage of the oil circuit system may cause the pressure to decrease, when the pressure drops to the lower limit of the pressure gauge, the power is turned on, the oil pump starts to supply oil, and the pressure is reached. At the upper limit, the power supply of the chamber filter press is blocked, and the oil pump stops the oil supply, so that the circulation ensures the pressure in the process of reaching the filter material.


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