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Solve The Fault Of Filter Press

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Filter press failure 1: insufficient pressure

 Remedy: Damaged overflow valve, repair or replacement; insufficient oil level, add hydraulic oil; damaged oil pump, replace oil pump; leak at valve block and joint, tighten or replace O-ring; worn oil cylinder seal ring, replace seal ring.

 Filter press failure 2: Poor pressure holding

 Treatment methods: Piston seal ring is worn, replace the seal ring; oil circuit leaks, repair the oil circuit; hydraulic control check valve is blocked or worn, cleaned or replaced; electromagnetic ball valve is blocked or worn, cleaned or replaced.

 Filter press failure 3: rupture of filter plate

 Treatment methods: the feed pressure is too high during filtration, adjust the feed pressure; the feed temperature is too high, change the high temperature plate or cool before filtering; the feed speed is too fast, reduce the feed speed; the filter plate feed hole is blocked, clean the feed Feed hole; damaged filter cloth, blocked outlet, replace filter cloth, clean up; coal cake is not full, clean and check to make coal cake full.

Filter press failure 4: The filter plate is lifted upward

 Treatment method: the installation foundation is uneven, and the foundation is re-dressed; the slag removal at the lower part of the filter plate is not clean and cleaned.


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