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Small knowledge of filter cloth model of filter press, I tell you!

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1. Willen filter cloth

 The chemical name of vinylon filter cloth is called polyvinyl alcohol. Its strength is lower than polyester, its elasticity is poor, the fabric retains its shape, its wear resistance is good, and its durability is 1-2 times that of pure cotton. But one of the big features is that it can withstand the action of strong alkali, and has good hygroscopicity and is easy to combine with rubber. It is a good material used in the rubber industry. Its disadvantage is that it has low temperature resistance and the temperature reaches 100 ℃. It has shrinkage and is not resistant to acid. Uses: Used for manufacturers with strong alkali and rubber industries.

 2. Polyester filter cloth

 Polyester staple fiber filter material performance: acid resistance, weak alkali. Wear-resistant polyester filter cloth, corrosion resistance, good recycling, poor conductivity. The temperature resistance of polyester fiber is generally 130 --- 150 ° C. This product has the unique advantages of ordinary felt filter cloth, has good wear resistance and high cost performance. It is commonly used in felt filter materials. Variety. Filtration performance: Polyester short fiber filter cloth has short raw material structure, dense fabric, good particle retention, but poor peelability and air permeability. The strength is wearable, and the water leakage is not as good as polyester long fiber filter cloth. Uses: pharmaceutical, sugar, food, chemical, metallurgy, industrial filter press, centrifuge, etc.

 3. Nylon filter cloth

 Nylon fiber has high strength, and nylon strength is medium-strong. According to the measurement, the abrasion resistance of nylon fiber is 10 times that of cotton fiber and 50 times that of glue. Abrasion resistance is one of various fibers, so pressing with rubber is an ideal material for manufacturing automobile tires. Nylon fiber is resistant to strong alkalis and weak acids. However, nylon is not lightfast and is prone to discoloration and embrittlement. Therefore, nylon fabric should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time. Nylon 66 cannot be used in pharmaceutical and food manufacturers because it is harmful to human health. Uses: rubber, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy, etc.


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