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Sludge filter press is a machine that force to filter on the side of filter medium

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1. Pay attention to whether the pump and mud are clean and whether the anchor screw is loose.

2. Check whether there is mechanical lubricating oil in sludge mixer, drug mixer and reducer of belt sludge dehydrator, and whether the screw is loose.

3. The transmission part of the air compressor and the conveyor belt shall be oiled regularly to maintain the oil level and the air tank of the air compressor once a day.

4. Check whether the travel switch and solenoid valve are damaged before driving. If so, please replace them in time.

2、 Pneumatic part of sludge filter press

1. Pay attention to compressed air pipe, do not touch Mars and squeeze.

2. The oil cup and oil level in the control box shall be kept at the liquid level, and the oil shall be replaced every three months to ensure the normal operation of the oil tank.

3、 Transmission part of sludge filter press

1. Add grease to the transmission chain of speed regulating motor once a month to keep normal operation.

2. All bearings of degreaser shall be oiled with grease gun once a month.

3. The bearing of deflection and tension center shaft shall be lubricated every three months.

4. Make sure that all adjusting and tensioning sliders do not rust. Use the oil gun once a week to ensure lubrication and flexibility.

5. Grease all fasteners and bearing shells of sludge treatment system once a month to ensure that parts will not corrode sewage, sludge and air.


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