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Sludge Filter Press

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With the deepening of people's understanding of environmental pollution control, sewage treatment plants have been successively built and put into operation in major cities, and the filter composts the sludge to effectively solve the problem of sewage sludge treatment and disposal has become an urgent matter in the environment. Various environmental protection policies have also made more and more clear regulations on sludge disposal, such as: the water content of sludge landfill must be less than 50%; the organic matter content is less than 30%. At the same time, considering that sludge is a resource, my country has begun to restrict the direct landfill of sludge, the increase in landfill costs, and the market demand for reduction and resource utilization.

In the sludge disposal, if the treated sludge is landfilled, the sludge treated by the fully automatic ultra-high pressure sludge filter press can greatly reduce the sludge accumulation site and reduce the cost incurred during transportation. Cost; composting the sludge.

  The mechanical dewatering of sludge is mainly to remove the capillary water between the sludge particles. The moisture content of the sludge after ordinary mechanical dewatering is usually 70%-80%, and the sludge moisture content is still high. After the sludge is dewatered, the moisture content of the mud cake is reduced by the automatic ultra-high pressure sludge filter press with diaphragm pressure, forming a low moisture content and non-sticky sludge cake with a moisture content of 15%-60%.

   Fully automatic ultra-high pressure sludge filter press is a mature dewatering equipment, which is widely used in the field of sludge dewatering in various industries. It has become an important equipment for sewage sludge treatment, realizing the environmental protection of sludge deep dehydration.


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