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Sludge Filter Press Is a Good Solid-liquid Separation Equipment

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As a supporting equipment for sewage treatment, sludge filter press is a very good solid-liquid separation equipment. Next, our company's technical staff will introduce you to the working principle of sludge filter press, I hope to help you.

 The sludge filter press presses concentrated sludge and a certain concentration of flocculant in static and dynamic mixers, and the fine solid particles in the sludge aggregate into large flocs. Free water separates. The flocculated sludge is transported to the concentrated gravity dehydration filter belt. Under the action of gravity, free water is separated to form non-flowing sludge, which is then sandwiched between the upper and lower mesh belts and wedge-shaped preloaded. In areas, low-pressure areas and high-pressure areas, the sludge is gradually squeezed under the effect of small to large pressures and shear forces to achieve a large separation of mud and water, and discharge the filter cake.

The filter plate of the sludge filter press takes a long time, leaving some groove marks in the corners. Once the dent appears, it will affect the composition of the filter cake. So how to repair the filter plate of sludge filter press? Briefly understand:

 1. Clean the groove and leak new surfaces. It can be cleaned with a small saw blade.

 2. Black and white patching agents are distributed in a 1: 1 ratio.

 3. Apply the repair agent to the groove and apply a little.

 4. Quickly set the filter cloth, squeeze the filter board together, make the repair agent and the filter cloth stick together, and squeeze the groove at the same time.

 5. After extruding for a period of time, the viscose will naturally form and will not change. At this time, it can be used normally.

  Sludge filter presses are easily clogged. In the process of solid-liquid separation, whether it is a belt-type or centrifugal dehydrator, or a plate-frame type dehydrator, there is a phenomenon that it is easy to block. For many years, there have been no fundamental innovations, which seems to be a problem that the industry cannot solve. In order to prevent clogging, all of the above models can only use a large amount of water for flushing, which not only causes waste of water sources, but also a large amount of flushing water increases the burden of the internal circulation of sewage treatment. Moreover, once it is blocked, it will be shut down for maintenance, resulting in the dehydrator can not continue to operate, affecting the normal production and operation of enterprises or society. And our company's stacked screw sludge dewatering machine adopts the design principle of multi-overlap spiral filter press. The filtering device is composed of a fixed ring and a traveling ring. The rotating ring is driven by the rotation of the spiral shaft to continuously clean the dirt in the gap and completely prevent clogging.


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