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Programmable automatic pull pull filter

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The commonly used filter cake filter media of program-controlled automatic pull pull pull filter are tight filter cloth, filter paper, filter screen, side filter element, etc. for the media used for deep filtration, its layout is required to meet the specified incarceration accuracy, and it can intercept the particles required to intercept; the bed layer should have sufficient capacity to slow the process of being blocked by particles, so as to extend the operation cycle. Program controlled automatic pull pull filter filtration: the fluid flows in from the inlet and flows out from the tiny holes in the wedge-shaped filter cartridge inside the filter. The impurity particles are easy to be imprisoned. When the impurity particles accumulate in the appearance of the filter screen, there will be a pressure difference. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet reaches Daken, the backwashing system of the program-controlled automatic pull filter will start to work automatically.


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