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Problems With Filter Presses

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After multiple filtration and unloading of the filter press, a spray is generated at the end of the filter plate

This failure is more likely to occur on plate and frame filter presses with more than 100 filter plates. The main reason is that a small amount of filter cake remains on the pressing surface at the lower part of the filter plate each time the material is discharged. The total size of the lower part of the joint is larger than the upper part. When the number of unloading increases and the number of filter plates is large, the difference between the upper and lower dimensions gradually increases. When the material is removed, the filter plate moves toward the end of the pressure plate, and when the pressure is depressed, the filter plate is pushed toward the end of the thrust plate, and the filter plate assembly has a trapezoidal structure.

When the filter cake accumulates on the pressing surface at the lower part of the filter plate, the filter plate supporting the end handle of the pressure plate can be lifted from the crossbeam. ; The filter plate at the end of the thrust plate is not easily pressed down to produce a spray at the end of the thrust plate.

In order to solve this problem, a good measure is: the plate and frame filter press has more than 80 filter plates, and the thrust plate should adopt a free rotation structure. For filter presses with a small number of filter plates, attention should be paid to reducing the amount of filter cake remaining on the low-pressure surface of the filter plate during discharge. Once the filter plate assembly is in a trapezoidal state, the filter plate should be cleaned, and the remaining filter cake should be cleaned.

During normal use, when unloading, be careful to remove the filter cake (especially the lower part) remaining on the pressed surface of the filter plate, or rinse the filter plate in time to ensure that the clean surface of the filter plate is clean; Its smooth. These problems do not seem to be major problems, they are caused by common wear and other factors, so we usually remember to maintain, maintain and find problems to solve in time.


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