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Please Make Sure Hydraulic System Clean When You Change Filter Press Hydraulic Oil

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The pressure of the diaphragm filter press is insufficient. The filter plate and filter cloth are under strong pressure to achieve a closed filter chamber structure. When the pressure is insufficient, the pressure applied to the filter plate is less than the pressure of the filtrate. Of course, the filtrate naturally penetrates through the gap.

 When the edge of the membrane filter press is damaged, even if one side is slightly convex, even if one side is often worn, it will contact with other filter plates. Regardless of the pressure, the resulting filter chamber will penetrate. In this case, we judge from the leakage point that the penetration of the filter plate is usually very large, even spraying

 The filter cloth of the membrane filter press is not placed correctly. There are many reasons why the filter chamber cannot be sealed. We need to start around the simple filter room to see if the filter cloth has wrinkles or if the filter cloth edges are defective. Because the structure of the filter chamber is located between the filter plate and the filter cloth and is under great pressure, the filter plate is generally not prone to problems, and the rest is the filter cloth. A seal is formed between rigid filter plates to play a key role in the filter cloth. Wrinkles or defects in the natural filter cloth may cause gaps between the filter plates, and the natural filter chamber will not form a seal.

After the membrane filter press is normal, the filter plate can be pressed and filtered. The pressure and filtration temperature during filtration are within the specified range. If it is too high, it will cause a leak. If the temperature is too high, the plastic filter plate is easily deformed. If fed, the concentration of the suspension should be uniform.

 Do not mix chips; after removing the filter cake, rinse the filter cloth and filter plate, leaving no residue on the sealing surface or feed channel, otherwise it will affect the platen press and affect the sealing of the filter plate. This will cause the filter plate to deform due to unbalanced pressure on both sides of the filter plate.

 The choice of filter cloth meets the technical requirements of the filtration of the filtrate. The new filter cloth should be shrunk before installation. The diameter of the opening should be smaller than the diameter of the filter. When the filter plates of the plate and the frame filter plate match, the holes and the holes should be relatively concentric. The feed hole cloth should be tightly attached to the pipe wall, otherwise the filter is unclear, the filtration rate is low, the pipe is broken, and the expected filtration effect cannot be achieved.

 After properly adjusting the membrane filter press, the feed operation can be performed. Sufficient lubricating oil should be added to the mechanical compression of the transmission components and the reduction gearbox; check the hydraulic pressure, check the oil storage capacity of the oil tank and the working pressure of the hydraulic station, and generally pay attention to the hydraulic oil. It needs to be replaced once, if it is found that there is less intermediate hydraulic oil, it should be replenished in time. When replacing hydraulic oil with a diaphragm filter press, please pay attention to the overall cleanliness of the hydraulic system. The working pressure of the hydraulic station is less than the high working pressure of the cylinder, but it should not be low. A filter pressure level that is too low can cause a large amount of leakage and damage the machine.


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