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Plate and frame filter press

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There are many types of plate and frame filter press: plate and frame filter press, box filter press, vertical filter press, automatic filter press, diaphragm filter press, belt filter press, circular filter press, etc.

The plate and frame filter press (plate and frame filter press) is composed of a group of filter chambers which are arranged alternately. The surface of the filter plate has a groove, and the protruding part is used to support the filter cloth. A through-hole is arranged on the corner of the filter frame and the filter plate to form a complete channel after assembly, which can pass into the suspension, the washing water and the filtrate. The handle on both sides of the plate and frame is supported on the beam, and the filter cloth between the plate and frame is pressed by the pressing device to play the role of sealing gasket.

The suspension hydraulic pressure is put into the filter chamber by the feed pump to form the filter residue on the filter cloth until the filter chamber is filled. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth and flows along the filter plate groove to the edge and corner channel of the plate frame and overflows intensively. After filtration, it can be washed with clear water. After washing, compressed air is sometimes introduced to remove the remaining washing liquid.

Then open the filter press to remove the filter residue, clean the filter cloth, press the plate again and start the next cycle.


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