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Plate and Frame Filter Press

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The plate and frame chamber filter press has six series: 390, 520, 870, 1000, 1250, 1500, which are divided into four types: open flow washable, open flow non-washable, undercurrent washable, and undercurrent non-washable. There are three types of manual compression, mechanical compression of plate and frame filter press and hydraulic compression.

The main factor that affects the filtering effect of the filter press is the pressure control. As we all know, the main working principle of the filter press is to achieve the filtering function through the control and adjustment of the pressure. The multi-plate and frame filter press takes away from it, so the pressure system The quality is directly related to the quality of the filtering effect.

Another factor that affects the performance of the filter press is the speed of filtration. Now many manufacturers are blindly pursuing the speed of product filtration while ignoring the essence of filtration. In fact, it must be considered and appropriate according to different factors such as liquid concentration and resistance. The use speed of the distribution machine, the residue of the sludge filter press will also become more and more. The designer needs to design it before purchasing.

The factor that affects the filtering effect of the filter press is also the filter area. As we all know, the longer the filter area, the faster the flow of objects passing through, the more residues will be removed from it, and the worse the filtering effect. Of course Among the same density specifications, a large area is not as good as a small area filter.


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