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Plate Number Will Influence Filter Press Working

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1. When the filter plate is less than the specified number, the filter press is prohibited from starting work, so as not to damage the mechanical parts of the filter press. Check the distribution of the filter plates before feeding, and all filter cloths should not be folded to prevent accidental large leaks. After removing the filter cake, the filter plate is tightly packed so that it is neatly arranged.

 Second, under the condition that the filter press is commissioned for normal feeding work, the whole machine should be fully inspected before working in the industry. Add enough lubricating oil to the mechanical compression transmission components and reduction gear box; when hydraulically checking the storage capacity of the oil tank and the working pressure of the hydraulic station, the hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year, and the hydraulic system is replaced. Comprehensive cleaning, the working pressure of the hydraulic station of the filter press is less than the large working pressure of the cylinder, but the smaller value should not be lower than the allowable value of the filtering pressure. Too small will cause a large amount of leakage in the filter press. If it is too large, it will damage the filter press. section.

 3. After the filter press is normal, you can press and filter the filter plate. The filter pressure of the filter press and the filter temperature of the filter press are within the specified range. If the filter pressure is too high, it will cause equipment leakage. High plastic filter plates are easy to deform, and the suspension should have a uniform concentration when feeding. There is no mixed material; after removing the filter cake, clean the filter cloth and filter plate, and do not stick the residue to the sealing surface or feed channel, otherwise the filter press will be smooth and the filter plate will be sealed. Because the pressure on both sides of the filter plate is unbalanced, the filter plate is deformed and damaged.

Fourth, the choice of filter cloth meets the filtering technical requirements of the filter pad. The new filter cloth should shrink before production. The diameter of the opening should be smaller than the hole diameter of the filter plate. When the filter plates are matched, the holes and the plate holes should be relatively concentric. The cloth should be close to the wall of the pipe, otherwise it will cause unclear filtration, low filtration rate, and the cloth barrel is broken, and the expected filtration effect cannot be achieved.

  5. In the initial stage of pressure filtration, the cast iron filter press is more cloudy. When a filter cake is formed on the filter cloth, the filtrate will become clear. If the filtrate is turbid or clarified and mixed, the filter cloth may be damaged or the cloth hole may deviate from the plate hole. At this time, close the valve or stop feeding and replace the filter cloth.


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