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Order and acceptance process of plate and frame filter press equipment

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1. Equipment ordering

(1) The equipment management department shall carry out market source investigation and sign order contract according to the detailed list of external ordered equipment. The contents of the contract shall be agreed by the ordering party and the supplier of the equipment, and generally include the following terms.

① Name, address, contact information, account number, signing representative and general taxpayer number of the purchaser and the supplier.

②   model, specification and quantity of plate and frame filter press equipment.

③ Equipment quality technical requirements and acceptance standards.

④ Equipment price, transportation, packaging, insurance and other expenses and settlement method.

⑤ Equipment delivery date, place and method.

⑥   liability for breach of contract and penalty measures for breach of contract.

⑦   signing date and performance validity of the contract.

⑧   ways and means of dispute settlement in contract disputes.

(2) The equipment management department shall do the following work for the order of foreign equipment.

①   source and payment plan of foreign exchange funds.

② Equipment inquiry and report.

③   sign the contract.

(3) The order contract is the basis for the contradiction arbitration between the supplier and the demander. The plate and frame filter press equipment management department shall keep the order contract properly and shall not lose it.


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