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On The Internal Conversion of The Chamber Filter Press

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First, introduce the transformation of the hydraulic system. The main purpose of the hydraulic system of the chamber filter press is to provide power to the equipment. It is to pump the hydraulic oil in the oil tank and let it flow into a cavity of the hydraulic device along the pipeline. When the continuous flow of hydraulic oil is injected into the hydraulic cavity, the internal volume of the hydraulic oil continuously expands, increases, and expands. The volume will cause the piston in the hydraulic chamber to be squeezed, forcing the piston to move outward, which ultimately provides the power required for the operation and work of the equipment. The entire conversion process of the hydraulic system is to convert the internal energy of the continuously expanding hydraulic oil into the power required by the equipment.

Come again, talk about the filter room of the filter press. The hydraulic system of the chamber filter press will exert a strong pressure on the filter plates when the equipment is working, forcing all filter plates to form a relatively closed filtering environment, and finally achieve the effect of the filter chamber. When the filter chamber is full of filter fluid, the pressure acting on the filter plate will transfer part of it to the filter fluid equipment, so that the filter fluid will have a high kinetic energy, which will eventually accelerate the penetration rate of the filter fluid and provide equipment with Work efficiency. Throughout this entire process, we talked about the chamber filter press, which was transferred to the filter fluid by the pressure on the filter plate. The increased internal energy of the filter fluid was converted into the kinetic energy of the filter fluid, and finally reached our desired effect.


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