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Model of chamber filter press

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ModelFilter Area(m²)Filter Capacity(L)Plate size(mm)Plates QtyCake Thickness(mm)Machine SizeMain Power(KW)Filtration PressureMpaWeight(kg)
X M/A Y 120/1250-U120180065×1250×125046306070×1750×15604≤0.75890
X M/A Y 125/1250-U125187565×1250×125048306200×1750×156046030
X M/A Y 150/1250-U150225065×1250×125058306850×1750×156046730
X M/A Y 160/1250-U160240065×1250×125062307120×1750×156047010
X M/A Y 180/1250-U180270065×1250×125069307570×1750×156047510
X M/A Y 200/1250-U200300065×1250×125077308090×1750×156048070


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