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Method for Repairing Deformation of Sewage Filter Press Frame

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Method for repairing deformation of sewage filter press frame

1. In order to solve the problem of rack modification, first of all, it is necessary to see if the anchor screws of the sludge filter press are tight. One end of the sewage filter press is normally tightened, and the screw at the bottom of the cylinder block must not be tightened. After the filter cloths of the filter press and sludge filter press are clean and neatly installed, the maintenance method of the frame deformation observes the direction of the frame tilting and bending. Arrange the filter plate in the direction of the baffle. If the beam is bent to the left, leave 15 to 20 filter plates at the bend and pull them at a 45-degree angle. Rinse the remaining filter plate to the end of the compression plate.

2. How to repair the sludge filter press the sewage press filter by pressing the start button and pressing the filter plate. At this time, the forty-five degree filter plate squeezes to the right, pay attention to the pressure control, and release the filter plate after the balance point.

Sewage filter press The belt filter press is suitable for sludge dewatering in the sewage treatment process of urban sewage treatment plants, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, papermaking, leather, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, chemical industry, slaughtering, food, brewing and environmental protection. It can also be used for solid-liquid separation in production and is an ideal device for environmental management and resource recovery. It can also be applied to solid-liquid separation or liquid leaching processes in industrial production. Widely used in environmental engineering projects.


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