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Membrane Filter Press Working Theory

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1. Using low-pressure filtration and high-pressure squeezing can greatly shorten the entire filtration cycle.

2. Using TPE elastomer, the maximum filtration pressure can reach 25MPA, so that the water content is greatly reduced, drying costs are saved, and the yield is improved.

3. To save the consumption of operating power, in the late stage of filtration, the flow is small and the pressure is high.

4. The diaphragm squeezing function can complete this process in a very short time, saving power consumption.

5. Improve the degree of mud biscuits and reduce the content of mud cakes. Diaphragm squeeze presses the filter cakes after the static filtration to re-arrange the structure of the filter cakes and increase the density, thus replacing part of the water and improving the degree.

6. Strong corrosion resistance, basically applicable to all solid-liquid separation operations.

7. Configurable PLC and human-machine interface control.

8. Diaphragm filter plate has the characteristics of anti-fatigue, anti-aging and good sealing performance.


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