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If The Membrane Filter Press is Improperly Adjusted, It Will Leak

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Diaphragm filter presses are not under pressure, and slurry leaks often occur in diaphragm filter presses: improper adjustment or damage to safety valves; oil leakage in the valves; damage to the cylinder seals; leakages outside the pipeline; electromagnetic directional valve is not in place (usually because This); The plunger pump is damaged (there are two); Not enough, check the level gauge.

Diaphragm filter presses use proportional valves. The hydraulic system has various problems and is difficult to check. Check gradually. If the oil is not clean, the hydraulic oil has impurities, the one-way valve core is worn or the plunger pump is in the middle of the fault, the proportional valve signal is disturbed, and the diaphragm filter press will not withstand the pressure. Cylinder O-rings usually have a normal service life of 2-3 years. It is recommended to replace the cylinder seal first.

Non-uniformity of diaphragm filter press: The installation position of the mud device is too high to adjust the position of the mud. Partial clogging of the trowel causes uneven local mud and needs to be cleaned to remove the clogging. Seriously caused local wear of loach, greatly reducing the effect of local sludge filtration. After entering the press area, it still has strong fluidity, and the damaged loach needs to be replaced. The surface of the uneven wiper is uneven and the waves are wavy, so the mud in this area is uneven and needs to be replaced.


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