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Hydraulic pressure system of Plate and Frame Filter Press

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The hydraulic pressure system of the plate and frame filter press is easier to control. The hydraulic pressure system adopts the function of full-section monitoring. Controllers for monitoring and detection are designed at every key part of the hydraulic oil. These controllers for plate and frame filter presses can well convert the pressure into electronics at all times Signal, the plate and frame filter press can imagine the exchange and communication between the computer control system and the hydraulic pressure system on the equipment, and the plate and frame filter press thus achieves easy control of the hydraulic system. This has created the necessary conditions for the intelligentization of hydraulic filter presses and the automation of plate and frame filter presses, providing a foothold for the future development of filter presses. The plate and frame filter press is a group of filter chambers with alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames. The surface of the filter plate has grooves. The protruding part is used to support the filter cloth. There are through holes in the corners of the filter plate and the filter frame. After assembly, they form a complete channel, which can pass into the suspension, wash water and lead the filtrate. On both sides of the board and frame, handles are supported on the beam, and the board and frame are pressed by the pressing device. The filter cloth between the plate and the frame acts as a gasket. The suspension hydraulic pressure is fed into the filter chamber by the feed pump, and the filter residue is formed on the filter cloth until the filter chamber is filled. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth and along the filter plate groove to the corner channel of the plate frame, and is discharged in a concentrated manner. After filtering, the filter residue can be washed with clean washing water. When washing Huangpu, compressed air is sometimes introduced, and the remaining washing liquid is discharged, and then the filter press is opened to remove the filter residue, the filter cloth is washed, and the plate and frame are repressed to start the next working cycle.

    The pressure generated by the hydraulic pressure system of the plate and frame filter press can better meet the needs of the equipment. If the plate and frame filter press is to ensure its normal operation, it is necessary to maintain a closed and high pressure environment in the filter chamber. The plate and frame filter press generates this necessary condition is that there is a strong pressure, plate and frame filter press The previous two types of pressure (both human pressure and mechanical pressure) of the filter press can only reach 78 MPa at high height, and the pressure range generated by the hydraulic pressure has increased by dozens of MPa, Plate and frame filter presses greatly meet the needs of the development of filter presses. It paved the way for large-scale filter press.

Panel and frame filter press should pay attention to the problem during use:

1. Press the filter plate tightly, arrange the filter plate and the filter frame neatly, and close to the end of the thrust plate, placed parallel to the thrust plate to avoid bending deformation of the main beam due to incorrect placement of the filter plate and the filter frame.

2. When filtering, the feed valve should be opened slowly, and the feed pressure should be controlled at the pressure marked on the factory label.

3. Do not take off the filter plate and filter frame without permission to avoid accidents due to insufficient cylinder travel; after the filter plate and filter frame are broken, they should be replaced in time, and they cannot be used continuously, otherwise it will cause the breakage of other filter plates and filter frame.

4. When washing the filter cloth and filter plate, be careful not to let water see the power supply of the mailbox.

5. Hydraulic oil (20 # ~ 30 # JI mechanical oil, synthetic spindle oil) should be filled into the oil tank through the air filter. Reached the prescribed oil level. And to prevent debris from the sewage machine from entering the oil tank, causing hydraulic components to rust and block.

6. The electrical box should be kept dry, and each pressure gauge, solenoid valve coil and various electrical components should be regularly checked to ensure that the machine is working properly. After shutdown, the air switch should be turned off to cut off the power supply.


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