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How to choose filter press

Views: 5     Author: Belle Song     Publish Time: 2020-04-03      Origin: China

In the selection of filter, the selection of filter plate thickness is also very important, filter quality, performance, efficiency. 

Because these three points are to choose all configurations, but the filter is different from other configurations. The most important component of the filter is the filter plate. 

The thickness of the filter plate determines the quality and efficiency of the whole filter. Because the filter plate function of the filter is to burden the filtering area of the whole mechanical configuration. 

The thickness of the filter plate directly relates to the size and degree of the filtering area. The thickness of the filter plate is between 41mm and 91mm, the area of each filter plate will not be higher than 46mm, the pressure of the filter is not very large, the area of the filter plate will be reduced, if the filter plate can reduce the length of the filter by 81%, at the same time, the space of the filter will be reduced, the load of the filter will be reduced, and the operation of the filter will be more simple. 

The thickness of 61mm, the thickness of the filter plate of this international scale filter, can operate in a wide range, and can also make all the results of the filter reach the highest level. Not only can the results of pressure filtration be used normally at a pressure of up to 26 MPa, but also can make the filter plate more wear-resistant and pressure resistant, and can play a role of attack and pressure of solid objects. 

When the thickness of the filter plate reaches 61mm, the storage space of the filter plate also increases, eliminating the frequency of back and forth between the filters. When the storage volume of the filter cake increases, the load of the filter cake on the gravity filter increases.


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