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How to calculate the feed pump power of the filter press?

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Calculate the power of the pump with the head and flow of the pump:

The calculation of pump power is the product of the pump's head and mass flow and the acceleration of gravity.

PE = PG G QH W or PE = ΓQH / 1000 (KW)

Ρ: Density of pumped liquid (KG / M3)

Γ: the gravity of the pumped liquid Γ = PG (N / M3)

G: Gravitational acceleration (M / S)

In a unit of time, the amount of work done by a machine is called power. It is usually represented by the symbol N. Commonly used units are: kg · m / s, kilowatt, horsepower. Usually the power unit of an electric motor is expressed in kilowatts; the power unit of a diesel or gasoline engine is expressed in horsepower. The power transmitted by the power machine to the pump shaft is called shaft power, which can be understood as the input power of the pump. Generally speaking, the pump power refers to the shaft power.

Due to the friction resistance of the bearing and the filler; the friction with the water when the impeller rotates; the vortex of the water flow in the pump, the backflow of the gap, the inlet and outlet, the impact of the port, etc. Part of the power is inevitably consumed, so it is impossible for the water pump to completely change the power input by the power machine into effective power. There must be a power loss, that is, the sum of the effective power of the water pump and the power lost in the pump is the shaft power of the water pump.


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