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How to Reduce The Use Cost of Van Filter Press

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For most customers who use van filter presses, in addition to paying attention to the work efficiency of the filter press, most of them are also concerned about their cost of use. If the equipment is used properly or maintained properly, consider it from a long-term perspective The cost savings are considerable. So today I will introduce to you how to reduce the use cost of the chamber filter press.

    The first is the saving of hydraulic oil, there are two main aspects of hydraulic oil saving 1. Anti-leakage 2. Anti-pollution. First of all, we must tightly close the fuel system valve of the hydraulic system and the hydraulic oil directly contact the channel, so as to reduce the contamination of hydraulic oil by external substances as much as possible, so as to reduce the replacement of hydraulic oil as much as possible, which may save a part of costs . Compared with the hydraulic system, when the hydraulic oil circulates in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system is affected by environmental factors, and the hydraulic system will gradually age and leaks due to the influence of time. Therefore, we must regularly check the position of the sealing ring, etc., once leakage occurs, we should stop working in time to repair in time to reduce leakage as much as possible.

    The second is the filter plate of the filter press. The filter plates of the current filter press are mostly made of polypropylene materials, which is caused by the working environment of the equipment. If the filter plate of the filter press is not properly maintained, the cost of replacing the filter plate will be a considerable fee. As for how to properly use and maintain the filter plate of the filter press, we have mentioned it before, and I will not explain it in detail here. It should be reminded that we do not need to blindly pursue the pressure of the filter press, as long as we can ensure that the equipment can work normally. This can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the filter plate. At the same time, it needs to be reminded again that if suspicious solids are found on the edge of the filter plate when the filter press is working, it should be removed in time.

    Then there is the filter cloth, which is one of the materials that is easily damaged on the filter press, and is also a part of the equipment cost. Therefore, when using a filter press, we try not to easily move or change the filter cloth. If the job opportunities of the filter cloth increase, it means that the chance of the filter cloth rupturing increases, which also increases the cost of using the equipment. At the same time, it is possible to reduce some sharp objects into the filter press as much as possible, which can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the filter cloth. Have never saved a part of the cost.


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