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How to Improve The Sand Washing Sewage Filter Press?

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The mechanical equipment of the sand washing sewage filter press is often in good condition with high working efficiency. Therefore, it is important to ensure the state of the sand washing sewage filter press. However, for companies that do not have experience in sand washing wastewater filter presses, what details should be paid attention to when adjusting the sludge treatment effect, and from what aspects?

 In general, before construction, you should carefully check whether the joints of the sand washing sewage filter press are firm and whether the operation contact of each component is good. If abnormality is found, the maintenance personnel should be notified immediately for maintenance. If it is found that the action accuracy caused by electrical components is poor, insensitive, etc., it should be repaired or replaced in time.

 Secondly, the maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly to check and maintain the sealing of hydraulic components and interfaces. If the sludge filter press is not used for a long time, the filter plate of the plate filter press should be cleaned and cleaned and discharged onto the frame of the filter press. Clean and dry the filter cloth; the piston rod is exposed, and the manifold should be buttered.

 Be sure to check the sealing surface of the sand washing sewage filter press to ensure that it is clean; before pressing, the filter cloth should be carefully checked to ensure that the plate and frame filter press will not fold, damage or have no residue. Stable and smooth to ensure the function of the filter press; the plate and frame filter press should always rinse the filter cloth to ensure good filtrate penetration.


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