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How to Extend Filter Press Life Time?

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1. The filter cloth should be hung loose or tight, easy to accumulate dust and easy to be damaged 2. New and old filter bags should be mixed to avoid damage and affect the work of the equipment 3. Replace the filter bag and blow it with compressed air before checking for holes and repairs Leave to replace the dust and paste the filter bag. Rinse with water and dry to be replaced. 4. The filter cake is suitable for thickness. Sewing auxiliary belt pull 6. Unload the filter cake The unloading tool should be as parallel as possible with the filter cloth to prevent damage to the filter bag 7. Install the filter cloth to ensure that the filter cloth on the plate and frame is flat and fixed, and the filter cloth is not damaged. . The filter cake adheres to the filter cloth and the filter cloth is deformed vertically. 9. The filter cake should be shoveled along the filter cloth. (Including connection) ②The stitching should ensure that the wefts at both ends coincide or parallel to prevent the running of the filter cloth from running.


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