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How to Compact The Filter Press?

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Manual compression, mechanical compression, hydraulic compression.

A. Manual compression: The screw-type mechanical jack is used to push the compression plate to compress the filter plate.

B. Mechanical compression: The compression mechanism is composed of a motor (equipped with an advanced overload protector) reducer, gears, screw rod and fixing nut. When compacting, the motor rotates forward, driving the reducer and gear to make the screw rotate in the fixed wire mother, and pushing the compaction plate to compact the filter plate and filter frame. When the pressing force becomes larger and larger, the load current of the motor increases. When it reaches the current value set by the protector, the maximum pressing force is reached. The motor cuts off the power and stops rotating, because the screw rod and the fixed wire mother are reliable The self-locking helix angle can reliably guarantee the state of compaction during work. When retreating, the motor reverses, and when the pressure block on the plate is pressed, the retraction stops when it touches the stroke switch.

C. Hydraulic compression: The hydraulic compression mechanism consists of a hydraulic station, an oil cylinder, a piston, a piston rod, and the structure of the Havran card hydraulic station connected by the piston rod and the compression plate: a motor, an oil pump, and an overflow valve ( (Adjust the pressure) Reversing valve, pressure gauge, oil circuit, oil tank. When the hydraulic compression machine is compressed, the hydraulic station supplies high-pressure oil, and the component cavity formed by the cylinder and the piston is filled with oil. When the pressure is greater than the frictional resistance of the operation of the compression plate, the compression plate slowly presses the filter plate. When the tightening force reaches the pressure value set by the relief valve (shown by the pointer of the pressure gauge), the filter plate, filter frame (plate frame type) or filter plate (chamber type) is compressed, and the relief valve begins to unload. , Cut off the power of the motor, the pressing action is completed, and when retreating, the reversing valve changes direction, and the pressure oil enters the rod cavity of the oil cylinder. When the oil pressure can overcome the friction resistance of the pressing plate, the pressing plate begins to retreat. When the hydraulic pressure is automatically maintained, the pressure is controlled by the electric contact pressure gauge. Set the upper and lower pointers of the pressure gauge to the values required by the process. When the pressure reaches the upper limit of the pressure gauge, the power supply Cut off, the oil pump stops power supply, due to the internal leakage and external leakage that may occur in the oil circuit system, the compression force drops. When it drops to the lower limit pointer of the pressure gauge, the power is turned on and the oil pump starts to supply oil. When the pressure reaches the upper limit, the power is cut off. The oil pump stops supplying oil, so that it circulates to achieve the effect of ensuring the pressing force during the process of filtering the material.


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