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How to Choose Filter Press's Plate?

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First of all, the necessary conditions for the newly purchased filter plate are basically the same as the matching filter plate size of the original device. These conditions include the length, width and thickness of the filter plate. If there is an error, it will cause the filter plate to rest on the beam of the device. During the filtration, it moves left and right, and even may not be able to be put on, and then the overall operation of the filter press is seriously affected.

Secondly, the holes inside the filter plate. Since the filter plates are all made of polypropylene hot-processed and cast, then the original material of the filter plate of the filter press is heated before it can be used, so the filter plate is cast during the casting process. It is very simple to form a cavity. When such a cavity reaches a certain space or quantity, then the filter plate is not a qualified product.

Then, it is the depth of the depression of the filter plate. The depth of the depression of the filter plate determines the workload of the device for each gap cycle (usually the depth of the filter plate is about deep, the greater the workload per time), but not the deeper the better, but the filter plate is depressed When the depth of the filter plate exceeds the capacity of the filter plate itself to withstand strong pressure, the filter plate is easily broken or damaged, and even a sudden burst of the filter plate may be formed, hurting life.


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