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How Is Working When Filter Press At HIgh Temperature?

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As we all know, the filter press has reached a very high level of treatment of various water qualities, so this equipment can easily treat all kinds of wastewater. Generally, the filter press feed pump is difficult to bear when facing various waste water. After all, this is a disaster of wastewater. Whenever a certain amount of wastewater is pumped, the filter cloth will be very comfortable. After all, accepting all kinds of dirt and seeing the pure water flowing out of the filter cloth makes you feel very proud.

In many cases, when the filter press encounters high temperatures during the filtration process, it is impossible to avoid water evaporation. The evaporation of water will reduce the actual working efficiency of the equipment to a certain extent. After all, if only the result is observed, after treatment, the liquid will decrease to some extent with evaporation, but this is also a normal phenomenon, which is inevitable in actual production.

If you can better understand the weather changes when the filter press is working, you can increase the service life of the equipment. However, many times we are always affected by various reasons. This important factor has been neglected, which requires special attention in future production.

After regular use of the filter press, some wastes and wastes that are not needed during use will be generated in the body and inside. At this time, we need to clean the sludge belt filter press. In the operation of the sludge belt filter press, the filter cloth is in contact with the filtrate for a long time, and the external pressure is too high, so that more and more solid particles are attached to the filter cloth. If the sludge belt filter press is not cleaned in time, it will cause problems when the sludge belt filter press is subsequently used, which will affect the service life and serious pollution of the sludge belt filter press. The filter press is clogged and the filter press may burn. Therefore, it is very important to organize the operation of the sludge belt filter press. The sludge belt filter press is the same as other equipment, and the cleaning process will not be too messy. Today let us study how to arrange sludge belt filter press together with editor.

The first thing to note is that before cleaning, we need to understand the performance of the filter cloth filter, and then choose the appropriate cleaning method: choose weak alkaline water to soak the filter cloth, usually soak for 10 to 24 hours, and then cover with deep water filter , And then wash the cloth with water, then dry to 90% dry, and then run again. For the acidity of the neutral filter, we only need to change the injection solution to a weak acid.


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