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Filter Press Filter Part

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Filter part

1. The filtering part is composed of a filter plate arranged on the main beam in a certain order, a filter cloth sandwiched between the filter plates, and a membrane filter plate. The filter plate, filter cloth and membrane filter plate are arranged alternately, forming a number of Independent filter unit-When the filtration of the filter chamber starts, the slurry is driven by the feed pump and enters the filter chamber through the feed port on the thrust plate, and is filtered by the pressure generated by the feed pump. Due to the role of the filter cloth, the solids are left in the filter chamber to form a filter cake, and the filtrate is discharged from the water nozzle (open flow) or the outlet valve (undercurrent) (see Table 1 for the nozzle specifications). If you need to wash the filter cake, you can pass the washing water through the washing port on the thrust plate to wash the filter cake; if you need a filter cake with a lower moisture content, you can also pass compressed air from the washing port through the filter cake layer To take away some of the water in the filter cake (for Uk models). If compressed air or high-pressure liquid is introduced from the air inlet, the diaphragm is agitated to press the filter cake, which can further reduce the water content of the filter cake.

2. In the process of using the filter press, the filter cloth plays a key role, its performance is good or not, and the correct type selection directly affects the filtering effect. Among the filter cloths used, the most common is woven from synthetic fibers, which can be divided into polyester, vinylon, polypropylene, nylon, etc. according to their different materials.

3. In addition, commonly used filter media include cotton woven fabric, non-woven fabric, screen mesh, filter paper and microporous membrane, etc., depending on the actual filtration requirements.


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