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Feeding Pressure

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In the actual production process, the filtration pressure is generally provided by the feed pump (the site also uses a small proportion of the pump and air compressor to feed, which will not be discussed here), so the most important factor affecting the filtration speed is Feed pressure of the feed pump. The feed pressure directly affects the working condition of the filter press, and the separation effect of the filter press is also closely related to it. It is found in actual use that in the process of filter press dehydration, the Hydrostatic compression of the porosity of the small filter cake can discharge most of the water, but the dehydration effect is not ideal just by increasing the hydrostatic pressure. The reason for the analysis may be that: as the pressure increases, the filter cake porosity gradually decreases , The saturation of the filter cake pores gradually decreases, but when the saturation of the filter cake is close to the remaining saturation, the moisture of the filter cake is basically no longer reduced. By analyzing the microstructure of the filter cake, we can see that the particles form an arch bridge structure The water contained in this structure is not only difficult to discharge with the hydrostatic pressure provided by the conventional feed pump, but also causes equipment wear and failure.


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