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Features of Membrane Filter Press

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1 Features of rapid membrane filter press

(1) Multi-port feeding: The feeding speed is fast and uniform, the filtration period is short, and the production efficiency is high. The possibility of differential pressure inside the filter plate is reduced, and the service life of the filter plate is extended.

(2) Multi-cylinder compaction: the filter plate is evenly and reasonably stressed, with good sealing and no spraying.

(3) Diaphragm squeezing: secondary squeezing and dehydration, the filter cake has low water content and good cake formation; the filtration cycle is shortened and the overall processing efficiency is improved.

(4) Pulling apart in groups: The filter plate is unloaded in groups, with fast speed, short working time and high production efficiency.

(5) Vibration unloading: relieved the heavy labor of manual plucking.

(6) Automation control: Adopt unique monitoring device to realize the whole process automation.

(7) Optimized design: less land occupation, low power consumption and low noise.

(8) Humanized design: It has reliable safety protection device and is easy to operate


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