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Efficient Mining Membrane Filter Press of China Manufacture

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ModelFilter Area
Number of Filter
Spec. of Membrane Filter
Plate (MM)
Filter Cake Thickness
Volume of Filter
Chamber (M3)
Overall Dimension
XM/AZ 20/800U2020800×800×60300.2870.5~1.63500×1350×11602.22750
XM/AZ 60/800U60600.9075940×1350×11604110
XM/AZ 70/800U70701.0596550×1350×11604400
XM/AZ 80/800U80801.217160×1350×11604740
XM/AZ 40/900U4032900×900×60300.590.5~1.64230×1480×12802.24500
XM/AZ 70/900U70631.196120×1480×12805700
XM/AZ 60/1000U60381000×1000×60300.90.5~1.65450×1560×13602.27080
XM/AZ 100/1000U100621.486910×1560×13608680
XM/AZ 125/1250U120461250×1250×65321.90.5~1.66500×1770×1620410900
XM/AZ 150/1250U150582.417290×1770×162011800
XM/AZ 200/1250U200773.228550×1770×162013300
XM/AZ 250/1250U250953.989740×1770×162014800
XM/AZ 300/1500U300771500×1500×70324.760.5~1.610040×2400×18005.526500
XM/AZ 350/1500U350905.5810960×2400×180028230
XM/AZ 400/1500U4001036.3911880×2400×180029950
XM/AZ 450/1500U4501167.2112810×2400×180031670
XM/AZ 500/1500U5001287.9613660×2400×180033390
XM/AZ 560/2000U560802000×2000×834011.160.5~1.610600×2900×24501156500
XM/AZ 600/2000U6008612.0112110×2900×245058000
XM/AZ 670/2000U6709613.4312950×2900×245060500
XM/AZ 750/2000U75010714.9813870×2900×245063300
XM/AZ 800/2000U80011415.9714460×2900×245065200
XM/AZ 850/2000U85012116.9615050×2900×245067000
XM/AZ 900/2000U90012817.9515640×2900×245069000
XM/AZ 950/2000U95013518.9416220×2900×245070600
XM/AZ 1000/2000U100014219.9216810×2900×245072300
XM/AZ 1060/2000U106015121.217570×2900×245074500
XM/AZ 1120/2000U112015922.3318240×2900×245076800
XM/AZ 1180/2000U118016823.6119000×2900×245079000

Process Points

Flow Rate

As the slurry mixture is filtered, each screen begins to block with solid particles and either the flow is reduced through the press or more pressure is required to pass the media at the same rate. The filtration process can be halted manually or at a determined flow rate, which is measured by a filtrate flow indicator. The process pump is stopped and the solid or sludge cake is removed with compressed air. The filter press process requires a pumping system which can respond to the build-up of pressure in the chamber. 

Pumping media

The solid and sludge-like nature of the media that is to be processed is often abrasive or corrosive and will harm the internal workings of pumping equipment.


Due to the nature of the media, it is imperative that any pump involved in the filtration process be seal-less as to avoid wear on perishable and abrasion sensitive components.

Customer requirements

A pumping solution is required that can deliver a flow rate of viscous and abrasive media into the chamber and can allow for changes in pressure as build-up occurs on the screens. For H&S purposes and for continuity of production the pump needs to be seal-less and be easy to service and maintain.


The Verderair and Verderflex ranges

The Verderair series of AODD (air-operated double diaphragm) pumps have been successfully installed in a variety of industry chamber filter press processes.

Why is the Verderair AODD pump series suitable for filter press applications?

It is designed to provide a constant, non-stalling operation – As the pressure builds in the chamber the Verderair pump is self-regulating and will cut out at a predetermined pressure and/or with an alarm trigger signal from a flow sensor. As the pressure is released in the tank the pump will self-prime and return to its
original flow rate. 

The innovative Verderair pump design is seal-less and can handle abrasive and viscous, sludge-like fluids. The design of the pump reduces the chance of fluid leaking and the risk to employee safety.

Verderair pumps can be specified with a range of materials and external casings so the working life,  maintenance cycles and MTBF are maximized.

Other advantages and benefits of Verderair include

✔ It is easy to install, maintain and transport 

✔ There are a wide range of accessories such as pulsation dampeners, monitors to indicate a failed diaphragm, solenoid valve for remote operation and stroke counter.

✔ Can run dry without pump damage

✔ There is no air lubrication necessary 

✔ Up to 16 bar pressure and 1060l/min flow

Why use the Verderflex range?

  • Verderflex pumps require no valves, seals or glands which makes them inexpensive to maintain. The only maintenance item is the hose or tube.

  • A Verderflex pump can run dry without costly downtime or repairs. The recovery of the hose or tube creates a powerful self-priming action and allows the pump to move liquids containing entrapped air or gas

  • Verderflex hose pumps can pump slurries containing up to 80% inorganic solids or 15% organic sludge, which is particularly suitable for the thick sludges often found in filter press applications.

  • Peristaltic pumps are reversible and can be used to empty lines or clear blockages. 

  • Certified to EHEDG standards for use in the food and drinks industry, pharmaceutical industry and other sanitary related applications.

  • Easy to link to a filtrate flow or pressure indicator.

  • Verderflex peristaltic pumps are extremely cost efficient to run.

Packaging: 1.1*40 GP container ; main machine naked and fastened with iron wire in the container.2.electrics devices be packed with wooden box.for Standard export packing.

Productivity: 100㎡/time

Brand: TianGuan

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 30sets/month

Certificate: CE/ISO

HS Code: 8474100000

Port: TianJin,QingDao,ShangHai

Paper Industry Chamber Filter Press Product Description

Paper industry Chamber Filter Press is a Intermittent pressure filtration equipment for solid liquid separation.The beam is made by best carbon steel and not easy to out of shape, Filter Plate is made by good PP material and can bear high pressure.

Paper Industry Chamber Filter Press Photo

Starch Plate Frame Filter Press 2

Starch Chamber Filter Press 2

Paper Industry Chamber Filter press Application

It is widely used in coal-washing, metallurgy, chemical industry, ceramics, petroleum, oil, printing&dyeing, textiles, pharmacy, food&beverage, inorganic salt, paper making and various Sewage treatment fields.

Paper Industry Chamber Filter Press Component

Hydraulic chamber filter press is mainly composed by four parts: rack section, filtering section, hydraulic system and PLC system. When hydraulic chamber filter press works, piston inner the hydro-cylinder pull the pressing plate, which compresses the filter plate and filter medium between the head plate and end plate forming filter chamber to ensure the filtering effect of the raw materials.

Membrane/Diaphragm Filter Press Models & Technical Data

Model Filter area 
Plate size 
Cake thickness (mm) Filter chamber volume (L) Number of plates (pcs) Filtration pressure (MPa) Motor power
Total weight
Overall dimension
XGZ30/870-U 30 870×870 <= 35 498 23 >=0.8 2.2 3046 3880*1250*1300
XGZ40/870-U 40 623 30 3593 4270*1250*1300
XGZ50/870-U 50 789 38 4057 4790*1250*1300
XGZ60/870-U 60 955 46 4597 5310*1250*1300
XGZ70/870-U 70 1121 54 5136 5830*1250*1300
XGZ80/870-U 80 1287 62 5636 6350*1250*1300
XGZ50/1000-U 50 1000×1000 <=35 776 28 >=0.8 4 4352 4270*1500*1400
XGZ60/1000-U 60 943 34 4480 4770*1500*1400
XGZ70/1000-U 70 1109 40 5263 5130*1500*1400
XGZ80/1000-U 80 1275 46 5719 5560*1500*1400
XGZ100/1000-U 100 1608 57 6555 6410*1500*1400
XGZ120/1000-U 120 1941 69 7466 7260*1500*1400
XGZ80/1250-U 80 1250
<= 40 1560 29 >=0.8 5.5 10900 4830*1800*1600
XGZ100/1250-U 100 1975 37 11750 5440*1800*1600
XGZ120/1250-U 120 2391 45 12600 6060*1800*1600
XGZ150/1250-U 150 2911 55 13620 6820*1800*1600
XGZ160/1250-U 160 3119 59 14470 7130*1800*1600
XGZ200/1250-U 200 3847 73 15320 8200*1800*1600
XGZ240/1250-U 240 4679 89 16170 9420*1800*1600
XGZ250/1250-U 250 4783 91 17020 9570*1800*1600
XGZ200/1500-U 200 1500
<=40 3809 49 >=0.8 11 26120 7140*2200*1820
XGZ250/1500-U 250 4723 61 26930 7730*2200*1820
XGZ300/1500-U 300 5637 73 28160 8720*2200*1820
XGZ350/1500-U 350 6551 85 29600 10110*2200*1820
XGZ400/1500-U 400 7618 99 31500 11260*2200*1820
XGZ450/1500-U 450 8532 111 33400 12250*2200*1820
XGZ500/1500-U 500 9446 123 33380 13240*2200*1820
XGZ600/2000-U 600 2000
<= 40 11901 85 >=0.8 15 54164 13030*3000*2500
XGZ700/2000-U 700 13838 99 58300 14390*3000*2500
XGZ800/2000-U 800 14945 107 62460 15770*3000*2500
XGZ900/2000-U 900 17713 127 66620 17150*3000*2500
XGZ1000/2000-U 1000 19651 141 70780 18530*3000*2500

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