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Detailed Installation and Commissioning Process of Filter Press

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Detailed installation and commissioning process of filter press

1. The filter press should be installed on a flat concrete foundation. The thrust plate feet at the feed end are fixed on the foundation by anchor bolts; the bracket end does not require fixing bolts, or the fixing bolts are positioned and locked with two nuts. There is an appropriate gap between the nut washer and the foot seat, and the machine feet can be Stretch slightly. The installer should correct the verticality of the beam and the large plane of the thrust plate before positioning.

2. The foundation structure should be designed by construction engineering personnel according to the load of equipment, and the anchor rod should be filled twice at the reserved hole.

3. There should be enough operation and maintenance space around the filter press. The hydraulic filter press should select a suitable location to place the hydraulic station to ensure that the hydraulic station can work normally.

4. Place the filter plate according to the work requirements, and arrange the feeding, cleaning and drainage pipelines. It is equipped with a filter pressure indicator and a return channel to control the filter pressure. In the case of the diaphragm extrusion type, a compressed air line is arranged.

5. Hydraulic filter press, hydraulic station oil tank enters clean 20 # -40 # hydraulic mechanical oil, use temperature> -5 ° C; If the ambient temperature is low, you can use hydraulic oil with similar viscosity and low freezing point. Add hydraulic oil through an 80-100 mesh screen.

6. Mechanical or hydraulic compression device, the power to start the motor should work normally. When the hydraulic pressure is pressurized and pressurized, the pressure gauge should rise steadily, and the hydraulic system should have no leakage. The working pressure of the hydraulic station should be adjusted according to the size of the model. If the fuel tank is found to be insufficient after the test, refill the fuel tank.


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