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Chamber Filter Press Working Codition

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Chamber Filter Press Working Codition

The hardware of the filter device, except for the filter room is a bit special, generally can be operated normally, but the filter room, which is arranged by the filter plate and filter cloth, must have enough pressure to form the filter room, and a closed space Form can bear a certain force. If the filter chamber is formed in a liquid filtration mechanism that cannot withstand the reaction force, a large amount of natural filtration will leak out of the gap, and for different filter cloths, no liquid separation of the filter cloth cannot occur between solids and liquids, and then the basic functions cannot be achieved. Not to mention the work of the equipment. Therefore, pressure equipment is a necessary condition for the closure of the filter chamber.

In addition to a closed filter structure, there is a pressure difference across the filter cloth. When the pressure difference in the filtering environment is due to the nature of the liquid, it is naturally a low-pressure environment that is popular from high-pressure environments. It also provides a dynamic liquid relative to movement. This cloth adds special effects. The real liquid is the power Through the filter cloth. The solid nature of the dialysis instead of filtering through the cloth will be intercepted on the other side of the cloth. If the filter pressure difference cannot be formed between the two sides, the filter liquid and the filter cloth are evenly contacted, and the filtration and separation efficiency occurs every time, so the pressure difference is a necessary condition for the equipment to work.


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