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Chamber Filter Press Washing Type

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1. The traditional way of cleaning filter cloth in chamber filter press: remove the filter cloth, soak it in water, and clean it with a brush. This is also a simple and convenient way to clean. But also depends on the material of the filter cloth. (For example: PET is generally soaked with strong alkali; the filter cloth for surface brushing or calendering is not suitable for cleaning with a brush.)

2. High-pressure water gun flushing method of chamber filter press: under strong water pressure, some stains can be washed away, but the stains in the capillary of the filter cloth cannot be cleaned. (However, the cleaning method of the automatic filter cloth cleaning filter press is also difficult to clean in oil and wax.)

The chamber filter press is a machine that realizes solid-liquid separation. If you want to keep it stable for a long time, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work on it in ordinary times. Related knowledge of machine maintenance.

1. Before starting the van filter press, the pumped liquid should be filled in the pump (if the pump is sucked), close the outlet gate valve, and connect the power supply.

2. Turn on the power and check whether the pump of the van filter press is turned correctly.

3. The trial operation of the van filter press is 5-10 minutes. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, it can be taken into operation.

4. When the van filter press is stopped, the gate valve of the outlet should be closed first, and then the power supply should be cut off.

5. When the pump is not used for a long time, it should clean the flow channel in the pump and cut off the power supply.

6. Regularly check the pump and motor, and replace the wearing parts.

7. The cooling chamber filter press runs empty.


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