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Chamber Filter Press Advantage

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1. The filter quality of the plate and frame filter press is higher, and the filter cake can be backwashed twice, so that the purity of the filter cake is higher.

2. Compared with the chamber filter press, the filtering space is larger, the filtering efficiency is higher, and the speed is several times faster.

3. It is more convenient and faster to replace the filter cloth, which effectively provides the utilization rate and improves the filtration efficiency.

4. The cycle time is long, the filter plate of the same size, the plate and frame filter press has more space for storing filter cake, and the gap cycle time is longer. If the same volume of mixed liquid is filtered, the cycle number of the box filter press to the plate and frame filter press is 4: 3. This is the major feature of the plate and frame filter press. It is also the reason for its higher price.

5. The weight is lighter than the vane filter press, easy to transport and move.


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