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Blockage of The Filter Cloth of The Plate and Frame Filter Press Will Affect The Permeability of The Filter Bag

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What is the reason why the filter press of the plate and frame filter press is not clean? It is recommended to replace the pump model when the water pressure is insufficient. Replace the high-lift pump. It is recommended to replace the large flow nozzle with a filter belt.

The sludge is still very serious. If the floc remains, it will directly block the pores of the filter cloth and seriously affect the water permeability and permeability of the filter belt. The cause of drug residue is usually due to the following reasons. Can solve the problem of timely improvement.

Because the polymer stirring time is too short, the drug cannot be completely dissolved. The polymer is usually dissolved for 30 minutes or more under uniform stirring. When the time is too short, some drug residues can clog the filter and cause drug waste.

When preparing polymers, the concentration is too high or the drug input is excessive. Manually allocate some sludge dewatering chambers to save costs, and the amount of powder added is too much and the liquid concentration is too high. Or use a non-metering pump to add excess liquid. The reaction between liquid and sludge is incomplete.

In the pipe-type static mixer of the plate and frame filter press, the reaction time of the chemical solution is too short or the chemical liquid is not sufficiently mixed with the sludge.

 First, when the temperature is lowered, the work of the plate and frame filter press will be smoother than when it is hot. This is obvious in summer and autumn exchanges, because the filter press generates a lot of heat during operation. In summer, when the temperature is high, it takes a long time for the heat to be lost into the air, but in autumn, this phenomenon will be significantly improved, so when using the machine in autumn, people usually do not have to worry about whether it will be because of the temperature. This is a stopped state caused by the rise. Of course, such a long accumulation is very helpful to extend the life of the machine.

 Secondly, it is important to note that although the climate is much better than autumn and summer, the air will be much drier, which makes it easy for the machine to take liquid from the device when working, of course, if it is just a filter It is easy to be taken away, but if the materials such as hydraulic oil and lubricant used in the equipment are taken away by dry air, the consequences can be imagined. Therefore, remind everyone that they are drying. When using the plate and frame filter press in the weather, always pay attention to lubrication.


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