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Automatic Filter press

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Automatic filter press is an intermittent pressurized filter device, used for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. It has good separation effect and is easy to use. It is suitable for large-scale filtration industry and requires high degree of automation or centralized control. Filter pressure Filtration area around 0.6Mpa. The whole machine is designed and manufactured by the integration of machine, electricity and liquid. It can realize automatic compaction, filtration, flow, squeezing, loosening, pulling plate and other processes. It has high automation, large production capacity, and low liquid content in the filter cake, High unit output, small footprint. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, dyes, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food, paper making, coal washing, sewage treatment and other fields that require solid-liquid separation. 

Automatic filter press is based on the filter press, according to the different requirements of the user on the degree of automation of the filter press equipment, choose to increase the automatic pull plate system, the auxiliary slag removal system of the curved arm, the single-rod water washing system, and the flap Auxiliary supporting facilities such as liquid system and PLC control system can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency.


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